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Brake Repair Service in Westminster

We have been providing brake service and repair for Denver area residents at Pickering’s Auto Service for over 40 years. Our ASE certified technicians always keep up to date with the state-of-the art braking systems built today while never letting go of our strong knowledge of older systems. Our North Denver location is on the east edge of Westminster, just north of 80th Avenue on Sheridan Boulevard.

To Keep Your Vehicle Reliable and Avoid Costly Repairs, Schedule Your Brake Inspection, Service or Repairs TODAY!

Arvada, Westminster & North Denver Location - 720.636.8777

Extending The Life Of Your Vehicle's Brake System

Brake Repair Service in Arvada, Lakewood & Westminster | Pickering's Auto Service

Peak Vehicle Performance with Better Braking

We often overlook and take for granted our vehicle’s braking system until we have to stop suddenly and are reminded of just how important it is to our safety! Having a properly functioning brake system is vital to our vehicle’s overall performance and in keeping our lives in motion. How else can you drive confidently unless you have the ability to stop on a dime?

Brake Service

To extend the life of your vehicle and minimize more costly repairs, Pickering’s Auto Service recommends having your brake system inspected regularly at our Westminster location with one of our ASE certified technicians. In order to provide you with exceptional brake services our expert technicians are regularly trained and updated with the latest information on brake repairs.

To protect your vehicles’ brakes our inspection services may include:

  • Inspecting and measuring the remaining thickness of the brake pads. We will replace worn brake pads if the remaining friction material is less than 2 mm.
  • Inspection and maintenance of the anti-lock brake system (ABS), and cleaning the sensors that monitor wheel speed.
  • Examining the brake lines for cracks from which brake fluid can leak out.
  • Inspecting the brake discs and drums to check for warping or rough spots. Resurfacing or replacing damaged brake rotors or drums.
  • Flushing and replacing brake fluid to remove water and air from the brake lines. This should be done based on 15,000 or 30,000 mile service intervals.
  • Adjustment and testing of the emergency/parking brake.

Brake Service: Why and How often?

Want to ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable? Then be sure to have your brakes serviced and inspected at regular intervals. A problem with your brake system can often start out small but if left unmaintained, can lead to more costly repairs in the long term.

Here are just a few reasons to have your brakes inspected regularly by a Pickering’s ASE certified expert technician:

  • Even under the optimal driving conditions, the heat and friction that comes with every day brake use will eventually wear out brake system components like the brake pads, rotors, shoes and drums.
  • Your daily commute in stop and go traffic can mean your brakes need servicing more frequently.
  • Recurring trips to the mountains for skiing or biking leads to more wear and tear on your braking system.
  • If you regularly hitch up a trailer or load up your vehicle with heavy gear, you may need your brakes serviced more frequently.
  • The brake system’s hydraulic components will eventually need replacing, including calipers, wheel cylinders, and brake hoses.
  • Not having your brakes serviced at regular intervals can lead to higher repair bills in the long run.
  • Because the metal is thinner, worn out rotors will warp more easily when they are hot.
  • Your brakes can fade if too much heat builds up on the surfaces.

Brake Replacement Warning Signs and Symptoms

The braking system on your vehicle is its most important safety feature. If your car is  unable to stop, you could be involved in a accident, causing injury not just to your vehicle but possibly to yourself or others. Pickering’s Auto Service suggests having your brakes checked every year. Here are a few of the common signs of a brake problem:

  • Grinding noises when applying the brake or a squeaking or squealing sound when the vehicle is in motion
  • If the dashboard warning lights are illuminated to indicate a problem with the brakes or the anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Your vehicle is pulling or jerking to one side or another when braking
  • If you have to pump the brakes in order to get them to work, it may mean you have a brake fluid leak
  • The brake pedal feels different when pressed: hard, soft, or spongy
  • You see a light colored liquid leaking from the wheel area or underneath the engine compartment
  • Your vehicle requires longer distances in order to stop
  • The steering wheel wobbles or shakes while braking at high speeds
  • A burning smell or smoking brakes is a sign they are overheated

If you notice any of these or other problems with your vehicle, bring it to Pickering’s Auto Service immediately. Our ASE certified technicians will inspect your brakes and make any necessary repairs in order to have you safely back on the road in no time.

Keep Your Vehicle Reliable & Avoid Costly Repairs, Schedule Your Brake Inspection Or Service TODAY!

Lakewood & South Denver Location - 720.636.9110

Arvada, Westminster & North Denver Location - 720.636.8777

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