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At Pickering’s Auto Service, we have been servicing vehicles for Denver Area Residents for over 40 years. We keep up with state-of-the-art vehicles built today and our staff continues to train so we are service ready with the new technology. Our immaculate shop is clean, professional, and ready to safely service your automobile.   

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Extending the Life of Your Vehicle’s Drivetrain

Avoid surprise drivetrain failures or repairs with regular driveline services.

Failure is the last thing you want from your drivetrain. To extend the life of your vehicle and minimize costly repairs, Pickering’s recommends regularly inspecting and servicing your transmission, differentials and transfer case at intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

Driveline Service

Transmission Service | Pickering's Auto Service

Pickering’s Auto Services’ ASE Certified expert Technicians are continually trained to help you service and repair your driveline to ensure the reliability and safety of your vehicle.

To ensure that your vehicle is in the best possible working condition, this service may include:

  • Setting correct fluid levels, identifying noises and inspecting for fluid leaks
  • Inspecting for proper driveline component adjustments
  • Draining and refilling manual transmission, transfer case and differentials
  • Automatic transmission fluid exchange (Our equipment uses the pump inside the transmission so as not to cause any damage to the transmission during service)
  • Replacing transmission filter and pan gasket
  • C.V. axles, u-Joints, clutch, mounts and seals
  • Tire wear for 4X4 and AWD vehicles
  • Electrical control operations for 4X4 vehicles

Importance of Driveline Service

A correctly operating drivetrain is necessary to ensure a safe and dependable vehicle. Regular maintenance services may help with the following:

  • Oxidized, contaminated, or broken down fluid and additive packs.
  • Eventually, this can lead to increased wear and tear of metal-on-metal components resulting in costly repairs.
  • More frequent services are recommended under towing or mountain driving conditions.

Frequency of Driveline Service & Warning Signs

To avoid costly repairs and replacements, Pickering’s recommends having your driveline checked at least annually and follow the recommended service timeline set in the owner’s manual.  To ensure your safety in your vehicle, we recommend you have your driveline checked immediately if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • RPM slipping while accelerating from a stop or when gears are shifting (slipping feels like the car revs up but does not accelerate)
  • Hesitation, lurching or bucking
  • Grinding gears or difficulties shifting
  • Popping, clunking or grinding noises when accelerating, shifting or decelerating 

Click here for more information about our transmission fluid service.

Keep Your Vehicle Reliable & Avoid Costly Repairs, Schedule Your Transmission Service Or Contact Us TODAY!

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