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Cars can break down at the most unexpected places. If you ever find yourself stranded by the roadside, chances are there is no nearby auto repair center. This leaves you with two options: you can hope that your location is covered by some sort of on-site repair service, or you can walk to an auto repair service center that might be willing to send a technician back to you.

Well, if your car breaks down in the Denver area, you need not do either of those options. Just call Pickering’s Auto Service and we will fetch you and your vehicle to the nearest service center. No more frantic phone calls or waiting for another motorist to stop and help. With our recommended towing service in Arvada, Lakewood, and Westminster, you can feel safe knowing that your vehicle will be back on the road in as little time as needed.

Should you experience the need to have your vehicle towed to one of our service locations, CONTACT US DIRECTLY! This will help us to get a tow truck to you quickly, and ensure that we are prepared for your arrival. By contacting us directly, you can have peace of mind knowing that you will be fully taken care as you get to our locations safe and secure.

During Normal Business Hours

Please Contact Us Directly At:

Lakewood - 720-636-9110

Arvada, Westminster - 720-636-8777

Outside Normal Business Hours

Please Contact One of the Following Towing Service Providers Open 24 Hours a Day, Every Day:

Lakewood: Ace Towing - 303-980-8770

Arvada/Westminster: APT Towing - 303-455-1264

We work with these firms and can arrange to have the towing charges included in your repair or service invoice for your convenience.

Ace Towing | Pickering's Auto ServiceAPT Towing | Pickering's Auto Service

At Pickering's Auto Service, we’re committed to making it easy for our valued customers to get their vehicle serviced or repaired. When those unexpected breakdowns occur, we want to be sure that you have someone to turn to for road side assistance that is well respected and trusted in our local communities.

Our recommended towing service in Arvada, Lakewood, and Westminster has gotten countless motorists out of a jam, and we are proud to recommend a service that takes care of drivers, whether they reach our service centers or not. Our professional, accommodating staff will make sure that you receive the assistance you need. Every customer can expect fast and reliable service from Pickering’s Auto Service, no matter where you are in the Denver area. Even if your vehicle breaks down outside Pickering’s Auto Service’s business hours, you may call on Ace Towing in Lakewood or APT Towing in Arvada to fetch you and your vehicle so we can help you as soon as our next business day starts. You’ll find all the contact details below.

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