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Pickering's Auto Service provides professional oil and filter changes for motorists in Arvada, Lakewood, and Westminster. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians will assess your vehicle’s need for an oil and filter change, providing the service quickly and properly with minimal fuss. If you wish to have a basic idea of how frequently a vehicle’s oil and filter need changing, refer to the following section.

When to Change a Car’s Oil and Filter

Changing the engine oil and filter every 3,000 to 5,000 miles eliminates costly repairs, keeps warranties valid and increases gas mileage. Please note, there are urban legends circulating that indicate it is not necessary to change oil this often. Most likely a careful examination of your owner's manual will indicate that 3,000 or 5,000 miles is the correct interval for the type of driving virtually all of us do in Colorado. Here are two other signs that your vehicle is due for an oil and filter change:

  • The Service Engine light is on

There are many things that prompt the Service Engine Light to come on, but no driver should fork out exorbitant amounts of cash in diagnostics testing, evaluation and repairs just for simple, detectable issues. Grit, grime, debris, and a host of other contaminants can enter your vehicle’s engine whenever oil lubricates its parts — it is the oil filter preventing such a damaging occurrence from taking place. The Service Engine Light will point to the need for an oil and filter change, and Pickering’s Auto Service can help you with that.

  • Severe conditions have deteriorated your engine’s performance

Anything from extreme operating temperatures, heavy loads, to stop-and-go traffic can aggravate the need for an oil and filter change. These conditions force engines to work much harder than usual, leading to more wear and tear, eventually requiring more frequent maintenance to keep every component functional.

Contact Pickering’s Auto Service for all your oil and filter change needs. We deliver a comprehensive range of car repair services, so every motorist in the Denver area knows the best place to turn to.

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