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Pickering’s LifeSafer Program

At Pickering’s Auto we have been servicing the community since 1976. Now we have joined the Nation's leader in ignition interlock technology. Our goals are to keep the public safe and to help prevent additional offenses. Along with LifeSafer, we are committed to getting all of our clients back on the road legally and safely, with speed and ease. Please take a moment to read and understand our LifeSafer program and how Pickering’s can help you today.

To contact LifeSafer directly dial 1-800-475-5490


Pickering’s is happy to schedule your interlock installations, services, removals and vehicle swap appointments. However, we DO NOT accept walk-in appointments. Please read the following for more information on appointment scheduling, missed appointments, or cancelations.

  • With a growing customer base, it makes your scheduled appointment time increasingly more crucial.
  • If you cannot make your scheduled time, we ask that you call to reschedule. Failure to do so may result in a $35 missed appointment charge on top of your monitor. THIS FEE CAN NOT BE REFUNDED
  • The service light will begin to flash 7 days before your next appointment. The number of flashes between pauses indicates how many days until your appointment.
  • If you have missed your appointment the SERVICE light will be solid and LOCKOUT light will start flashing 5 times indicating you have 5 days (4 days it will flash 4 times, 3 days it will flash 3 times etc.) to bring your vehicle in or you will be unable to start your vehicle and you will need to have it towed to us at your expense.


If you don’t hum or blow correctly, you might register an Abort. A tone will sound and the red abort light will flash. This is not a failure. You merely need to wait about 45 seconds for the device to reset before testing again. Aborts can also be caused by low vehicle battery power and/or defective devices.

  • After 3 aborts the siren will sound until you pass a test (THIS IS NOT COUNTED AS A VIOLATION).
  • When you take your vehicle to be serviced at a garage, please remember to contact us so we can note in your file that service is being done. ALL power disconnects are recorded and will be processed as tampering with the device so please hold onto your invoice or receipt and bring it in to your next Monitor appointment so we can make a copy to add to your file.

Cold Weather Issues

“My Interlock is not prompting me to blow and the service/lockout lights are flashing or all lights are on, on a very cold morning/night, what do I do?”

  • What has happened is that your vehicles battery has drained due to inclement weather. The blow device is not getting 11+ volts of power to it and doesn’t know how to operate. Follow these steps before calling in:
  • Take key out of ignition
  • Put jumper cables onto your vehicle from either a jump box or another vehicle.
  • Allow that battery source (jump box or other vehicle) to charge your battery while your vehicles keys are out of the ignition for about a minute or two.
  • Put your key into ignition and turn to the on position while still hooked up to jumper.
  • At this point the head set should allow you to blow into device normally.
  • Once your vehicle is started, your vehicles’ alternator should charge your battery back up and device will work like normal. This can take up to 15 minutes.
  • If at this point the vehicle still will not prompt you to blow or continues to give an abort reading, it may be that your battery is just at the end of its life and needs to be replaced. Feel free to give us a call at this point to go over any other options.
  • Finally, we recommend removing the mouthpiece out of the head unit when not driving the vehicle. In some cases, the moister/saliva can drain into the device over time and cause it to freeze internally.

Violations & Lockouts

Violations are registered when the user doesn’t test when asked, or when you test and Fail. The interlock unit will randomly ask for breath tests while the vehicle is running. ***REMEMBER*** YOU MUST ALWAYS BLOW INTO THE DEVICE WHEN IT ASKS EVEN IF YOU HAVE ARRIVED AT YOUR DESTINATION!

  • Retest Violations are registered if a sample is not given when requested, and the alarm horn starts to honk until the vehicle is shut off. The device will allow 5 minutes to submit a breath before it records a violation, allowing you enough time for you to pull over if you would like.
  • 3 Violations from the time of your last download to your next appointment will put you into early service lockout. This can be any combination of 3 distinct incidents of not blowing when asked to blow and/or blowing fails. Your LOCKOUT light will start flashing 5 times indicating you have 5 days to bring in your vehicle to have your monitor reset which is a $50.00 fee plus tax (NON REFUNDABLE). You will still have to bring in your vehicle for your regular scheduled appointment for Monitor download.
  • Consecutive Failed Tests If you fail 2 consecutive tests, you will be locked out for 5 minutes (LOCK OUT LIGHT WILL BE SOLID).
    • If you fail another 2 consecutive tests, you will be temporarily locked out for 15 minutes. (LOCK OUT LIGHT WILL BE SOLID).
    • Failure of another 2 consecutive tests, your service date will be moved up. You will have 5 DAYS to bring in your vehicle for a RESET your LOCKOUT light will flash 5 times indicating you have 5 days to bring it in (4 flashes indicating you have 4 days to bring it in, etc.) If you do not make an appointment and bring your vehicle in within those 5 days, you will have to have your vehicle towed in to us at your own expense. Still, you will NOT be able to start your car until you pass a test.
  • Fails can result from not allowing sufficient time for ANY alcohol to dissipate from your mouth. PLEASE RINSE OUT YOUR MOUTH WITH WATER AFTER EATING OR DRINKING! Be aware, perfume and cologne can also cause false positives, along with cleaners and mouthwash.

Please contact us today to schedule your interlock appointment, service, install, removal or vehicle swap!

Lakewood and South Denver Location - Contact Mallory at 720.961.0422

Arvada, Westminster and North Denver Location - 720.636.8777

To contact LifeSafer directly or after hours dial 1-800-475-5490

For more information or to schedule an appointment please visitwww.LifeSafer.com

For more detailed information from the DMV please visit


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