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At Pickering’s Auto Service, we have been servicing vehicles for Denver Area Residents for over 40 years.  We keep up with state-of-the-art vehicles built today and our staff continues to train so we are service ready with the new technology.  Our immaculate shop is clean, professional and ready to safely service your automobile.

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Extending the Life of Your Vehicle’s Fuel System

Avoid surprise fuel system failures or repairs with regular fuel system services.

Nobody wants to spend their extra money at the gas pump or repairing costly fuel system breakdowns. Fuel systems by nature will build carbon on different surfaces. Carbon can cause fuel mileage issues and drivability issues. We have a way to clean the system to remove harmful carbon deposits and maintain the fuel efficiency. This should be treated as normal periodic preventative maintenance. If the carbon gets to bad our noninvasive cleaning service will not be strong enough to clean the system and we may have to remove components to gain access to the valves for a manual cleaning using a walnut shell blasting technique. This as you can imagine is expensive and usually preventable with regular maintenance. This is even more imperative for any car using GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) technology as it needs even more cleaning due to its design.

Gas & Diesel Fuel System Service

Fuel System Service | Pickering's Auto Service

Pickering’s Auto Services’ ASE Certified expert Technicians are continually trained to help you maintain, service, and repair your fuel system to ensure the reliability and safety of your vehicle’s fuel system.

To ensure that your vehicles’ fuel system is in the best possible working condition, this service may include:

  • Injecting a specialized chemical that dissolves carbon into the fuel injection side of the system to clean the fuel rail and injectors as well as the cylinder and piston.
  • Spraying an atomized chemical mist into the intake system to clean the intake and valvetrain part of the system.
  • Installing a fuel additive into the fuel tank for continued cleaning as you drive.
  • For GDI vehicles the service is the same, but we use a different chemical to better target the problem areas with the GDI design.

Importance of Gas & Diesel Fuel System Service

A correctly operating fuel system is necessary to ensure a safe and dependable vehicle. Regular maintenance services may help with the following:

  • Even under normal driving habits, dirty fuel can clog fuel injectors and reduce performance.
  • Eventually, this can affect sensors and other engine components.
  • Poor fuel quality can result from dirty fuel injectors or misfires, robbing power and hurting MPG.
  • Now with GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection), in severe cases tear down of part of the engine may be necessary to get access to the valves to perform a more aggressive manual cleaning by using a media blaster with walnut shell media. This allows for manual cleaning of the valves without damaging anything. This can be an expensive repair so performing maintenance is imperative on these vehicles.

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Frequency of Gas & Diesel Fuel System Service & Warning Signs

To avoid costly repairs and replacements, Pickering’s recommends having your fuel system cleaned regularly. Fuel injection and or induction services should be performed every 50,000 miles on most vehicles and as often as every 15,000 miles on GDI vehicles. To ensure your vehicle is running as intended, we recommend you have your fuel system checked immediately if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Smell gas
  • Fuel mileage decreasing
  • Hesitation or misfire on acceleration
  • Vehicle will crank, but not start
  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Failed emissions test

Keep Your Vehicle Reliable & Avoid Costly Repairs, Schedule Your Fuel System Service Or Contact Us TODAY!

Lakewood & South Denver Location - 720.636.9110
Arvada, Westminster & North Denver Location - 720.636.8777

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