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Dodge Repair & Service Colorado | Pickering's Auto Service

Specializing in Dodge Vehicle Repair and Service in Lakewood, Arvada, and Westminster

There are a number of reasons to own a Dodge. The Ram trucks are tough, rugged and capable of putting in a solid day’s work with you. If your Dodge vehicle has a Hemi, you know its power is legendary. Dodge SUVs are built for spacious family fun. Pickering’s Auto Service offers dependable Dodge service and vehicle health solutions designed to deliver greater possibility.

Dodge Models

  • Ram Truck
  • Durango
  • Dakota
  • Caravan/Grand Caravan
  • Journey
  • Nitro
  • B Series Van
  • Challenger
  • Charger
  • Viper
  • Avenger
  • Caliber
  • Intrepid
  • Magnum
  • Neon
  • Stealth
  • Stratus

Dodge Service & Maintenance
To keep your Dodge as reliable as the day you brought it home, be sure to have it serviced regularly with one of Pickering’s ASE Certified expert technicians. Pickering’s Auto Service has provided Dodge service and maintenance in the Denver area for over 40 years. While never letting go of our strong knowledge of older Dodge models, we keep up with the latest models built today.

To keep your Dodge in the best possible working condition, our Dodge services include:

  • Oil Service
  • Fluid Services
  • Fuel System Service
  • A/C Service & Maintenance
  • Spark Plug Replacement (Hemi engines have 16)

Dodge Repairs

All vehicles need repairs at one time or another and Dodge cars, trucks, vans and SUVs are no exception. Due to extreme temperature fluctuations that all vehicles go through, your hoses, gaskets and belts will deteriorate and need replacing. Items such as the clutch, brakes and tires experience wear and tear over time. Keeping up with these repairs can help save you time and money in the long run. Some of the most common repairs our technicians see are:

TIPM (Totally Integrated Power Module)
The Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM) is the control center for all electrical functions on your Dodge vehicle including your power windows, door locks, the fuel pump and radio. Typical problems that result from a faulty TIPM system can make it seem like your car is possessed. They include the fuel pump not turning off, unexplained battery drainage and the engine stalling while driving. A faulty Totally Integrated Power Module is common in the Durango, Journey, Grand Caravan and Ram models and should be inspected by one of our ASE Certified expert technicians right away. Don’t wait for major problems to occur—you may find yourself stranded with a dead battery or late for work because your Dodge won’t start.

Death Wobble
Common in Ram trucks, the Dodge Death Wobble is a horrible shaking of the front end that makes it difficult to maintain control of your vehicle. It often starts when the vehicle hits a bump or pothole at highway speeds. If you experience the Death Wobble, ease your vehicle to a complete stop at the side of the road and the shaking will stop. A Death Wobble is often due to multiple components becoming loose or damaged as opposed to a single worn or damaged part. While no one has been physically harmed during a Death Wobble, it’s still very important to have a Pickering’s ASE Certified expert inspect your Dodge right away and make the repairs necessary to prevent it from happening again.

Ball Joints
The ball joints can fail prematurely, especially on the Dodge SUVs and Ram trucks. If you hear a clunking noise or notice a vibration coming from the front of your vehicle, it could be a bad ball joint. Bring your Dodge to Pickering’s Auto Service and have it inspected by our ASE certified technicians to identify the problem and make any needed repairs.

Powertrain Control Module (PCM)The powertrain control module (also known as the
ECM, or electronic control module) is the main computer for your vehicle. The PCM is responsible for analyzing sensor readings and controlling engine functions. Symptoms of a bad PCM are frequent check engine lights. If your vehicle won’t turn over or start, it could also be a sign of a failing PCM. Have your Dodge inspected by one of Pickering’s ASE certified technicians to determine the cause of the problem and get you back on the road safely.

HVAC Problems

A number of problems can develop with your Dodge’s heating and air conditioning systems. Here are a few of the more common HVAC issues:

Heater Core Failure

If your heater core is bad, you may see a puddle underneath your vehicle or you may detect the fruity scent of antifreeze.

Blend Door Actuators

The blend door actuators or HVAC actuators are responsible for blending warm and cold air to achieve the desired temperature in the cabin. If you are having trouble controlling the temperature inside your vehicle, your blend door actuators may need repairs or replacing.

If you experience these or any other HVAC problems with your Dodge vehicle, make an appointment with Pickering’s Auto Service. Our ASE certified technicians will make the necessary repairs and get you back on the road in comfort.

Transmission Problems
Clunking noises when shifting, fluid leaks, and poor fuel economy can indicate problems with your Dodge’s transmission. Here are a few common issues.

Transfer case failures
The transfer case output shaft seal can dry out and become cracked, allowing transmission fluid to leak out. Common signs of a problem with your transfer case are difficulty switching gears or your vehicle may jump in and out of four-wheel drive.

Gear shifter failures
There is a recall for many of the late-model Ram pickup trucks with steering-wheel mounted gear shifters. The shifter can move out of Park without pressing the brake or even if there is no key in the ignition. This is a very dangerous problem that can lead to accidents and injuries. Bring your Dodge to Pickering’s Auto Service right away for repairs.

Camshaft Position Sensors
If your camshaft or crankshaft position sensor goes bad, you may notice a check engine light, your engine may have a poor idle or stall completely. If ignored for long, you may not be able to start your Dodge at all. Anytime the check engine light is illuminated or your engine isn’t idling properly, bring your Dodge to Pickerings’ Auto Service for proper diagnosis and repairs.

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