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Wheel Alignment is About Tire Preservation

In Many Cases, Wheel Alignment is About Preserving Your Tires

Car owners get wheel alignments because their wheels aren’t pointing in the right direction anymore. This is what bad roads do to cars, and it can have serious consequences knowing what it does to your steering. But for most drivers who don’t go through potholes on a daily basis, wheel alignment is about preserving your tires.


Just as wheel alignment affects how well you can drive, it can play a part in how long your tires last. They should be pointing in the right direction, or else the tires will shred too much rubber too fast.

If your tires are thinning out for no reason at all, it may be worth looking at a wheel alignment.


Pay Attention to Your Tires


Unfortunately, you can’t rely on your car’s check systems to monitor your wheel alignment or how much tread the wheels have left. Regular checkups are still your best defense against driving a misaligned car. In Lakewood, we provide alignment and brake service, we can do the checkups when we do your oil changes.


Fortunately, it’s easy to notice signs of an off-wheel alignment:


  • Once you see your steering wheel veering slightly left or right when driving straight, that’s a sign.
  • When your tire guy says you need a replacement set not long after getting new tires, that’s another sign.

Basically, if anything is off on your steering, it may have something to do with the wheel alignment.


What You Can Do


Not all wheel alignment issues immediately need professional repair. There are things you can do to reduce your car’s wheel alignment woes.


You can remove excess weight in the trunk, which affects not just the alignment, but the suspension as well. You need to make sure your tire pressure is correct, and that you’re not over- or under-inflating the tires.


Wheel alignment is important to the performance and safety of your car. Schedule your next alignment or brake service at Pickering’s Auto Service. We’ll make sure that your car will be a pleasure (and safe) to drive again. Contact us today.

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