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What You Should Know About Driving Over Potholes

The Implications of Driving Over Potholes

Potholes are notorious for their sneaky, teeth-rattling potential for damaging vehicles. Colorado has its fair share of potholes due to a combination of overdue road repairs and erosion caused by severe weather.

Whether it’s on country roads or city streets, driving over potholes steadily wears down certain parts of a car and could spell disaster for any car owner as pothole damage often goes dismissed. Here are problems potholes can cause to certain parts of your vehicle.

Tires and Wheels

Being the only car component contacting the road, tires take the most damage from a dip in a pothole. The sheer impact of riding over a pothole can make the tire bulge visibly or rupture it, which is very costly to repair. Rims on newer car models are often aluminum-based instead of steel, making it much more susceptible to damage. A bent rim produces vibrations that often lead to wheel alignment issues.


Riding over potholes also takes a toll on your car’s wheel alignment, which can upset the tires’ angle. It can wear out your tires unevenly, or make the steering unresponsive; both of which have dangerous implications. We advise taking your vehicle to a professional alignment and brake service in Lakewood to get it properly inspected and sorted out.


Suspension systems also receive the damage from repeated pothole run-ins. Damaged suspension makes your car needlessly bouncy, unsteady at turns, and just plain difficult to control. Trust us; you don’t want a car that doesn’t turn when you need it to do so. Get your car suspension checked as it might need new shocks, struts, and other parts to keep your vehicle handling properly and safely.

As long as you drive a car, there’s no way to avoid all potholes you’ll encounter, unfortunate as that may seem. The only way to keep them from ruining your day is to take your vehicle for periodic inspections. Our wheel alignment services help you extend the lifespan of your wheels and maintain your car’s driving quality. 

Contact us today to schedule a professional alignment inspection. 

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