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What Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Should You Follow?

Regular vehicle maintenance is mandatory if you want to keep your car's functioning capacity on optimum at all times. Driving a smooth functioning vehicle guarantees your safety and that of your passengers'. In this article, we shall discuss a list of useful tips on the right vehicle maintenance schedule you should follow.

The Wear and Tear is Inevitable

It is important to point out that the mechanisms of driving result in the constant wearing and tearing of the car parts – some sections more than others. As such, it is crucial that you stay prepared for continual checks and maintenance services for your car. Tires, Oil, Fluids, light, windshield wipers, engine air filters are among the most crucial parts that need regular maintenance.

Tires - Inspecting your vehicles' tire pressure involves a series of activities that will ensure your tires have the right amount of pressure. Your tires PSI will be checked and your tires inflated and deflated accordingly.

Oil – Routinely check and change your oil, your engine's condition depends on it. Changing the oil means taking necessary steps to drain the oil, setting the right oil level and replacing the oil filter.

Other Fluids – Multiple fluids in your car's system should maintain their recommended levels to ensure proper and efficient performance of your vehicle. These fluids include engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, differential fluid and possibly transfer case fluid. Check to ensure they are free from leaks.

The Lights – Broken lights are a safety hazard. A thorough inspection ensures they stay as bright as new through lens cleaning and replacements where necessary.

Windshield Wipers - Wipers get worn out over time. Stop postponing any irregularity you have noticed with the blades and have them checked and repaired or replaced immediately.

Fuel Services - Carbon can cause fuel mileage issues and drivability issues. Cleaning the fuel system with fuel cleaners and air induction cleaners is the best way to remove these harmful carbon deposits. This is particularly important if your vehicle is newer and is a Gasoline Direct Injection GDI vehicle.

Engine Air Filters – Air filters get dirty and clogged after a while, hence the need for continual inspections. You do not want your engine getting contaminated as that could cost you a fortune.

Other important factors to look into in your maintenance schedule include your car insurance and warranty.

To Sum Up

Taking your car for a vehicle maintenance service may seem like overstretching sometimes but it is important to have your parts in check before they even get damaged. An air filter, for instance, does not need to be damaged first before it can be replaced. Your trusted mechanic can easily tell where there could be an issue and offer immediate recommendations to that effect.

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