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What Causes My Steering to Pull to One Side?

Driving with a steering wheel that is pulling left or right can be tiring. You constantly have to put pressure on your steering wheel to prevent your vehicle from drifting left or right, and without constant concentration you may find yourself drifting into another lane. Plus, constantly pulling on your steering wheel can't be good for your vehicle's tires. If you find that your vehicle is fighting against you to drive straight, something isn't right. 

If you find that your vehicle drifts or leads to one side while you are traveling straight, this is known as steering pull. The cause of this issue is usually due to uneven camber or caster side-to-side. This is usually caused by a component within the suspension system, such as a bent spindle or strut, collapsed arm bushing, weak springs, and more. In order to fix the issue in this instance, our mechanics will identify the suspension system causing issue and replace that component or readjusting the camber or caster to manufacturer specifications. 

Another underlying cause of steering pull is misalignment. Wheels that aren't properly aligned can cause issues when it comes to traveling straight, but can be easily adjusted to fix the issue. If you notice that the issue only happens when you apply the brakes, this can happen if there is something going on with the brake system such as a stuck brake caliper. In this instance, our experts will perform a thorough inspection of your vehicle's brake system to determine what is causing your steering pull while braking. 

Some other reasons that can lead to this steering pull is uneven tire wear, mismatched tires, under inflated tires, unbalanced power steering assist, and more. If you do begin noticing that your vehicle is pulling to one side on the road, we invite you into the professionals here at Pickering's Auto Service for an inspection. Be sure to note when the issue happens and any other symptoms that you may be experiencing. We will perform a full check of your suspension system, wheels, alignment, and brakes to determine where the issue is stemming from and how to fix it. 

Give us a call if you're experiencing this issue or stop by Pickering's Auto Service in Lakewood and Arvada/Wesminster today! 

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