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What Can Cause My Car To Not Start?

When your car won't start, there are many reasons why this can happen, but it can be easy enough for an auto repair technician to figure out the problem. Here are some of the most common causes of vehicle no-start situations.

A Dead Battery

If your car has never previously failed to start, the problem could be with the battery. This can be one of the most common reasons a vehicle will not start. Leaving your vehicle lights on is a leading cause, and since the battery provides the power that enables the car to run, nothing will happen when you turn the key in the ignition if it is dead. You'll need a jumpstart to get your vehicle running.

Failing Starter Motor

Certain noises your vehicle makes can tell you a lot about an issue. For example, when you try to turn the key in the ignition, and it only makes a clicking sound, or a series of clicks, your car's starter is triggering but not engaging with the flywheel. This means your vehicle coulb be due for a starter replacement.

Alternator Problems

Your vehicle's alternator helps generate electricity while you drive. It does this by storing excess electrical power in the battery to make sure it can start the vehicle when it needs to—continuing to require a jumpstart, may be because your alternator is not restoring power to your battery properly.

Faulty Ignition

By turning your key in the ignition, you create a pathway that helps get your car running. The vehicle will crank but not fire when the key is turned if that pathway isn't completed because of an ignition switch issue.

Fuel Delivery Issues

A car needs gas, sparks, and air to work. A clogged fuel filter won't allow fuel to pass in quantities high enough to enable the engine to run at full power. The fuel pump may also fail, meaning there is no way for the car to pump gas into the engine.

If your vehicle cannot start, don't just let it sit. If you need battery or alternator repairs, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Pickering's Auto Service today.

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