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What are the Signs of Worn Shocks and Struts?

Driving with worn shocks and struts can be extremely dangerous. The problem is, most drivers don't know if it's worn out at all because it's not easy to know when it's showing signs of wear. The good news is, we'll tell you the signs so that you know when to replace them.

Signs that shock and struts need to be replaced

Highway speeds are off

If your shocks and struts are being worn down, the highway speeds may not be accurate. Sometimes it may not even feel stable. So if you've been noticing unstable speeds on the highway, look into the shocks and struts!

Turning feels unsafe

When you turn in a car, it should just turn normally. However, if you feel like your car is lopsided or "tipping" almost, you may have shocks and struts that need to be looked at.

Rear end Squats

No, it's not the same as a person squatting, but the car can do it if the shocks and struts are wonky. Particularly the rear end. You would notice the front end of the car "rising" if you drive fast right away. If this is happening, you shouldn't be driving and need to bring it into an auto shop.

Wavy wear on tires

If you have been noticing uneven patterns on your tires, it may be because of the shocks or struts. This is because the tire isn't being held firmly to the road, which caused the pattern. This is extremely dangerous and should be looked at immediately.

Bouncy Tires

While we're still on the tire subject, tires shouldn't be feeling like you're on a mini trampoline. If the tires feel like that, it may be the shocks or struts being worn out. Both parts help keep the tires stable while you drive.

Leaking Fluids

If you are noticing fluids leaking on the exterior of struts and shocks, it may mean the seal has broken. The fluids help keep the shocks and struts functioning at a level that they should be at.

If you need your shocks or struts replaced, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Pickering's Auto Service today!

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