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There’s a Right and A Wrong Way to Cut Costs




With the rise in cost on just about everything, many of us are looking for places to cut just to make ends meet.  Most of 2022 saw rampant inflation and things aren’t looking much better for 2023, as a result in a recent survey done by Primerica, 47% of us have admitted to putting off car maintenance.

But this could be a BIG mistake!

While it’s wise to try and save a buck at the grocery store by using coupons and shopping weekly deals, cutting out routine auto maintenance may cost you more in the long run or put your safety at risk.

Trent Pickering of Pickering’s Auto Service with independent auto repair facilities in Lakewood and Arvada - Westminster, Colorado tells us, “Failing to maintain certain auto parts and systems could result in a higher repair bill.  Take, for example, a simple tire rotation. Ignore this routine procedure and you risk uneven wear between the four tires.  This could cause you to need to purchase tires sooner.  Keep driving on a worn tire, or tires, could cause you to be the cause of a collision because of the diminished traction. Head up to the mountains for a fun weekend of skiing and you risk a ticket or worse yet, a pricey tow bill!” 

The trusted financial and investing advice company, The Motley Fool, agrees.  In a recent article Cash-Strapped Middle-Income Americans are Making This Huge Mistake they state “Don’t be stingy with car repairs…Failing to maintain your car could have serious consequences you’re truly best off avoiding.”

One great way to save money on needed auto repair and maintenance costs is to go to Pickering’s Auto Service and opt in to receive notices of service specials.  Additionally, Pickering’s has partnered with NAPA and offers 6 month, interest free if paid in full on car repair financing of $199 or more.  Of course, this offer is subject to credit approval and you will want to talk to them for all the details. 

Pickering’s also works with One Main and Springleaf if you need a loan for a longer period of time.  Just give them a call at 720-636-8777 in Arvada/Westminster or 720-636-9110 for their Lakewood division and ask them about your options, or make an appointment online!

So skip that meal out and cancel that streaming service but don’t put off calling Pickering’s Auto Service when your vehicle is due for routine maintenance or repairs. 

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