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The Bad Consequences of a Dirty Cabin Filter

Though a cabin air filter doesn't directly impact your vehicle's engine performance, it doesn't give any driver the excuse to put it off. Switching your cabin air filter is just as crucial of service as getting an oil change or wheel alignment. It is a fundamental part of regular vehicle maintenance, and ignoring a dirty air filter can lead to other negative consequences. 

Negative Effects of Dirty Cabin Air Filter

Personal Health - A fresh cabin air filter is necessary to keep the air inside your vehicle clean. An air filter that is dirty or clogged won't be able to separate these contaminants, causing difficulties for people who suffer from allergies or breathing problems. Also, a new air filter can filter out pollutants that can make you sick. 

Restrict HVAC System - A cabin air filter left bad for too long will make your car's HVAC system work harder than it has to, which can cause the engine to work harder. A clogged cabin air filter will limit the amount of airflow to the cabin vents. As a result, you might not get enough cool or warm air.

Poor Window Clearing - Another obstacle that will come up when your vehicle's airflow is compromised is that your windows and windshield won't clear as fast. This can be pretty dangerous as it can affect your visibility of the road. Once you have the cabin air filter replaced, your glass surfaces will be able to defog sooner.

Foul Smelling Air - Lastly, an excessively obstructed cabin air filter can produce a dusty, moldy odor in your car. Changing your cabin air filter on time will ensure that you and your car riders don't have to put down their windows. All it takes is an easy filter replacement to fix the problem!


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