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AIR CONDITIONING, It’s Not Just for Summer!

AIR CONDITIONING, It’s Not Just for Summer!

Your car’s air conditioning system does more than just cool the interior of your vehicle in the warm summer months. Did you know that you use your air conditioning to dehumidify your car in the winter to clear up fogged windows quickly?  It’s vital to keep both your heater AND your AC in top condition throughout the entire year. So now it may make sense why, when you turn on your defrost, your AC comes on! But, contrary to what many think, the AC and the heating systems in your car are not run by the same system.  Known as HVAC  - heating, ventilation and air conditioning – the AC uses a refrigerant (makes sense) and the heater uses coolant (wait…what?!) Here’s where things get confusing.  Trent Pickering of Pickering’s Auto Service in Lakewood and Arvada Colorado states, “Your heater works with your car’s coolant, thermostat, radiator and the wate ... read more


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