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Keeping Your Vehicle Healthy

Stay Well

We hear the phrases “stay well” and “stay safe” a lot these days.  It implies that we should take the steps necessary so that we remain healthy and able to do what we want – and need - to do in the future.

The same can be said for your vehicle.

Routine maintenance and preventative servicing can help keep your car or truck “healthy”, too!

While we understand that you may not equate “healthy” as a term that can refer to your vehicle’s condition, after you read this we hope that you’ll think differently about how you handle your auto service and who you trust to fix what ails your car.

Just as people need regularly scheduled care – like visits to your dentist every 6 months for cleanings; your general practitioner or eye care professional every year for an annual exam, etc. – your vehicle’s manufacturer has also set specific guidelines that should not be ignored.

Just like you and I, choosing to skip recommended guidelines to get or remain healthy can lead to problems in the future.

“We handle your car’s needs very much like you are treated when you go to the doctor.  We first listen to your concerns, and then examine and inspect what we presume is at the root of the issue.  We have extensive experience that we draw upon when we make these assumptions, as well as state-of-the-art technology to help us diagnose and isolate the problem.  Then we inform you of our findings and advise how to handle and/or eliminate the problem.”, says Brandon Pickering, General Manager of  Pickering’s Auto Service in Lakewood, Arvada and Westminster, Colorado.

“Once you have a full understanding of your priorities and options, with your authorization we will then expertly and professionally perform the necessary steps to eliminate your concern and restore your car’s health.”

And, just like a doctor’s office, all staff must be highly trained and should continually update their education and certifications because things are continually changing.
If you don’t know how much experience your auto technician really has, find out.
“We post all of our technician’s certifications and expertise on our website under Meet Our Team, just like you’ll see hanging on the wall of your doctor’s office.  And, we like to feel that our customer service representatives have a very good “bed side manner”, says Michael Pelshaw, Arvada’s Service Manager.

Additionally, like many physician offices, Pickering’s keeps detailed records on items of interest and concern, then works hard to keep you updated.  Previously, you might have considered it an annoyance when you were reminded that you needed to return for more work to be performed– but reality is that we are simply making sure that you remember that there’s something we’ve noticed that needs to be attended to sooner, rather than later.  Think of this like the “lab work needed” notifications you get from your health care provider.

Diagnosing and fixing your car’s problem can be just as complicated as fixing a health issue.  So when your auto is in for repair, ask for information.  If you don’t understand what they are telling you – SPEAK UP!  If it were your health in question, you’d want to know the all facts.  Why should your car expect any less?

One more thing to remember, just like people – every car make is different and its systems are complex.  So check with your auto professional and make sure they are a “specialist” in the kinds of problems you’re experiencing. Visit our Vehicle’s serviced page to find out more!

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