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It’s Time to UP your Gas Mileage

With the price of everything going up, now more than ever you need to do things to help conserve your money…and your time is valuable, as well!


One way to save both is to find ways to up the miles per gallon you get on a tank of gas.  You may wonder, “How can I increase my miles per gallon in Denver, CO?” Maintaining your car’s gas mileage to its full potential not only saves you money and time…it also promotes a longer life for your vehicle, safer driving and preservation of your car’s resale value.


There are only 2 things that are keeping you from maximizing your gas mileage -   how your drive and how you maintain your car. Below are easy-to-do tips to help you get better gas mileage:



  1. Take it easy.

Pushing down hard on the gas pedal has a negative impact on your fuel consumption.  It causes the engine to work harder – meaning more gas is burned.   The constant “speed up – slow down” cycle can really take a toll over time.  Learn to coast when you can and make it a point to drive as smoothly as possible. One fun way to think of this is that you just picked up your grandmother on a Sunday morning and she has with her a fresh dish of your family’s favorite food. You do not want grandma to spill the dish all over her dress so you must drive nice and smoothly!


  1. Lighten up.

Carrying unnecessary items can cause aerodynamic drag.  This in turn lowers your fuel economy.  Don’t use your car as a storage unit.  Rooftop carriers with gear and bikes on racks all lower your MPG.  Reduction of drag is extremely important when you’re on long trips or highway driving.  Remove anything that you won’t be using once you get to your destination – from both inside and outside the vehicle.


  1. Don’t be idle.

Idling can consume up to a full gallon of gasoline every hour – so every minute counts when you’re trying to achieve higher fuel economy. Turn off the car – even when you’re just waiting to pick someone up or when you run back to the house for those forgotten items.


  1. Control yourself.

Use your cruise control whenever it makes sense. Maintaining a steady speed will definitely help with fuel efficiency.  This goes back to the first tip – moving from accelerator to brake throughout your journey can decrease your miles per gallon totals.


  1. Watch your pressure.

With seasonal temperatures changing, your tire pressure can fluctuate.  Check it often. Low tire pressure increases resistance where the rubber meets the road…and this resistance lowers MPG.  Tire pattern can also affect your fuel economy.  Ask a certified auto mechanic or a trusted tire store professional like Pickering’s Auto Service for their recommendations.


  1. Use the right stuff.

Vehicle manufacturers test their cars to find out what type of oil makes their vehicles run best.  Check your manual and use what they suggest. Creative marketing ploys for “new and improved” blends are often just that – creative marketing ploys.


Another very important tip comes from Trent Pickering of Pickering’s Auto Service  in Lakewood, Arvada, and Westminster Colorado, “Fuel injectors are critical in the proper operation of your vehicle’s engine and they often become dirty or clogged. If your car is stalling, difficult to start, has a rough idle and/or increased emissions, it could be your fuel injectors.  Reduced fuel economy can often be corrected by keeping your fuel injectors properly cleaned and maintained so that your engine can perform at its peak. At the same time, look into induction cleaning services to make sure you are getting the best fuel economy that your vehicle and perform!” To learn more call one of our knowledgeable service staff or make an appointment online today!

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