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I Will NOT Be Ignored!

There are many systems responsible for your automobile being reliable, running smoothly and performing safely.  While all vehicle systems are important, there are a few issues that should NEVER be ignored.

Trent Pickering of Pickering’s Auto Service located in Lakewood and Arvada, Colorado tells us, “Things like a dead battery and flat tires are obvious “cannot put this off” problems. But a main concern that is often ignored is impending brake failure.  Poorly performing brakes are most often associated with accidents, so you should place your brake system at the top of the “get it repaired NOW” list.”

Auto problems that you should not ignore:

Brakes.  If you have squealing or grinding when you apply the brakes, don’t wait! Get to an auto repair shop immediately. Grinding could mean there’s metal against metal and that your brake pads are in need of replacement.

• Lights. It’s easy to ignore a broken headlight, brake light, turning signal or reverse light, but these small items can make a big difference in your safety…plus you risk getting a ticket since having properly working lights when a vehicle is on the road is A LAW.

Leaks. Although auto owners often think that a leak is normal; nothing should ever be leaking from your vehicle. Even small leaks can lead to major damage.  Transmission leaks and engine oil leaks could mean big problems down the line.

Warning Lights.  The dreaded “check engine light” should NEVER be ignored.  Although it could be a small issue…it could also be a big deal! Find out what’s what by taking your car in for proper testing and diagnosis.

• Smoke.  Your exhaust system can tell a big story.  When the exhaust fumes are colored smoke, pay attention.  Blue smoke could mean oil is burning.  White smoke indicates that there might be coolant leaking.  And black smoke means your car may be burning too much gasoline… at today’s prices, you’ll want to have that taken care of quickly!

Everyone wants a reliable, safe vehicle.  And, most people are also worried about the time and cost involved with fixing their car’s mechanical problem.  Find out from an honest repair facility what is needed, get the estimated cost and then decide what you’ll need to do next. Remember, without making needed repairs, you run the risk of being stranded at an inconvenient time, or worse, in an unsafe spot. A small mechanical problem can also become one MAJOR issue if you ignore it.  Plus, you could injure others and/or void your warranty or insurance coverage. You know that these car-related issues will not magically disappear.  They are going to need to be fixed…sooner or later…so why not just get them done NOW? 

To help you stop your procrastination call and speak to a Pickering’s representative to ask them about your needed auto service maintenance or repair.  They are ready to help you in anyway they can!

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