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How to Summerize Your Car

As the fun-filled summer months approach, you might want to get your car ready for the season. Preparing in advance goes a long way in keeping your vehicle running smoothly. Here are some essential steps to make your vehicle summer-ready.

Checking the Oil and Oil Filter

The intense summer heat can strain the engine and its oil and oil filter. Oil lubricates the engine parts, and the filter traps and captures foreign dirt, debris, and metal fragment chippings. It's best to replace the oil filter and change the oil to facilitate an efficient, powerful, and healthy engine throughout the summer.

Keeping an Eye on the Fluid Levels

A change in season can cause a reduction in coolant, transmission, brake, and power steering fluid, which are essential in daily vehicle operations during the warm summer. The coolant fluid is particularly significant as it helps cool your car when it overheats. It's wise to schedule a fluid change service before the season begins.

Inspecting the Air Conditioning Unit

A car's AC optimizes comfort during the hot summer months. It cools the cabin and keeps it comfortable during short or long drives. You can get a professional mechanic to check whether you need an AC recharge or a serpentine belt replacement (since it runs the AC unit.)

Checking Out the Radiator

The vehicle's radiator keeps the engine at an optimum temperature and helps prevent overheating. But with time, the unit may crack and leak coolant fluid. Confirming that the radiator works well will ensure that the engine cools down efficiently, especially during long summer drives.

Ensuring the Brakes Work Fine

The brakes can take quite a beating as they're prone to wear and tear from the friction during braking spans. You might notice eerie screeching sounds on braking or the need to apply extra pressure during braking. It might be time to replace the worn-out brake pads and rotors before driving off on your long summer vacation.

Looking at the Exterior Lights

Another way to prep your vehicle for summer is by scrutinizing the front and rear lights. It's vital to ensure that all the bulbs function well as they'll help you communicate to other road users about your intentions to stop or turn the car. Also, get a professional to clean misty lights for proper visibility during night drives.

Check Up on the Tires

Vehicle tires might have lost some pressure during the colder months, making it crucial to inflate them well before summer. Remember that tires with low pressure can wear at a faster rate, hence could get you stranded by the road unexpectedly. Also, consider using all-terrain tires for maximum grip on tarmac and off-road surfaces and wheel alignment service to prolong the tires' lifespan.

Summing It Up

Prepping your vehicle for summer is one way to ascertain you'll enjoy your vacation time as you'll cruise the roads conveniently and seamlessly. You can employ an expert's help to ensure everything is in proper working condition. If you need assistance getting your vehicle ready for the summer months ahead, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Pickering's Auto Service today!

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