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Here's To 2021

Here’s to 2021…

And your car’s good health!

It’s been said many times, many ways…2020 was rough!

A lot of things were put off – either because of the fear of the virus spreading; because many wanted to control costs in an uncertain economic environment; or, as in your car’s circumstances, there was simply no need with the onset of remote officing and the decline of daily commuting.

But, it’s now time to resolve to make the changes that will allow us to all move on.  One of those changes that can help lower your stress level, and keep those surprise expenses down in the new year, is to get your car’s maintenance up-to-manufacturer’s standards.   

This attention to routine maintenance coupled with an automobile “check up” is what helps to maximize your vehicle’s value and keep it ready to be on the road and running smoothly.  If your car has been sitting for most of the year, the need for an inspection is even greater!

Just like your health, when you put off annual check ups and routine health screenings, you run a higher risk of a problem progressing and causing serious, undetected issues.  Issues that might not be easily fixed.   

The same goes with your vehicle.

The best way to describe this is like in the lyrics of an old song.  “The heal bone’s connected to the ankle bone. The ankle bone’s connected to the leg bone.  The leg bone’s connected to the knee bone”… you get the picture! It’s the same with your car.   Take for example, if you let your car remain out of alignment, it could affect your braking.  This can affect your tire wear, which may affect your steering…and so it goes…and goes…and goes.

Trent Pickering of Pickering’s Auto Service in Lakewood, Colorado - Arvada, Colorado – Westminster, Colorado tells us, “Sometimes customers think that auto technicians are pushing them to do services that are unneeded.  This isn’t true – at least not at Pickering’s.  We feel so strongly about helping you keep up-to-date with manufacturer’s recommendations that we spend the time and money to both education and remind you about what we found was needed the last time you visited us.  These “friendly reminders” about your auto health are important - just as important as a trip to the dentist or doctor for an annual check up!  You’ve heard “move it or lose it”?  The concept is the same.  Keeping your car moving smoothly will help to keep your life in motion as well.”

Brandon Pickering goes on to say, “We feel so strongly about routine maintenance and check ups that we offer coupons to help you keep up on these services.”

“Just like your doctor will advise, it is always best for both of us to know what is going on with your vehicle. So, when your car is in for service for the first time, talk to us about our Full Vehicle Health Inspections. This way we can get to know your vehicle. We also advise that we provide a check up every 6 – 12 months or so from there on.”

“Our experts will inspect, measure and document, all major vehicle systems including removing all 4 wheels, checking your vehicle's brake system & rotating your tires as needed. Plus, we will digitally report, estimate and prioritize all maintenance and repair needs so you are fully aware of the condition of your vehicle. These inspections are designed to identify potential problems early to help avoid safety concerns or costly repairs. The results are reported to you, in some cases including images, and are added to your vehicle's digital service record for future reference. We want you to have all the information to make the best decision for both you and your vehicle.”

You may not know, but there are service recommendations made by your vehicle’s manufacturer for 30,000, 60,000, 90,000 miles and more.  And, just like your M.D. there are specific things that are reviewed and advised at every age.  Give us a call anytime to discuss your car’s specific health concerns or make an appointment online!

We made it through 2020…let’s make the most of 2021 and not take the little things for granted!

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