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Hazardous Situations That Require a Tow

At Pickering's Auto Service, we always emphasize the importance of preventative maintenance. While some car problems can be preventable, the unthinkable can still happen on the road, and you may require a tow. With the assistance of a tow truck, you can prevent further damage to your car trying to drive with a persistent problem. Here are the circumstances that may require a tow truck to come for the rescue:


A flat tire is one of the most common problems that will require a tow. Depending on the damages, it can only drive at a certain distance. The safest bet is to pull over to the side of the road and call a tow truck. If you know how to change out a flat with your donut (spare tire), then that can get you to the repair shop. If you don't have a spare available or know how to change your tire, you'll want to call for a tow truck. Driving on a punctured tire can be a huge mistake, as you can end up destroying the rims and paying an additional several hundred dollars to repair the damage.

Dead Battery

Another common problem people have on the road is a dead car battery. Batteries drain as you rack on miles, so they may need a replacement when the time comes. Other times, a dead battery can result from a bad alternator to a flawed charging system. Even if you have a portable power bank or someone who can jump-start your vehicle, it can be a better option to have your car towed instead. This way, you don't run the risk of a breakdown a second time.

Flashing Check Engine Light

If your check engine light comes on without blinking, then it is still safe for you to continue driving for the short term. However, if your check engine light is flashing, you need to ensure you have your car towed and taken to the auto repair shop ASAP. A flashing warning light means there is an urgent problem that can be detrimental to your engine. Even if the light isn't blinking though, the problem that is occurring may cause more damage to your vehicle if unresolved.

Burnt Smell & Smoke

If the smoke is a blue tint and smells like burnt oil, it's probably due to an oil leak trickling onto the engine. You can check your oil levels to be sure. Running too low motor oil can ultimately destroy your car, so you shouldn't drive if the leak is drastic. Please call a tow truck instead to be safe. Other times the smoke could look white and smell sweet. This is usually an indication of coolant leaking into the motor. At Pickering's Auto Service in Lakewood, CO - Arvada, CO - Westminster, CO, we can help you with these hard to pinpoint problems.

Decrease in Driveability or Handling

If your vehicle suddenly becomes hard to steer, shaky, or begins pulling in a particular direction, you should pull over before someone gets hurt. If you cannot figure out the cause, it's best to get a tow to the repair shop. You can never be sure as your steering could give out at any second. 


To avoid encountering any of the problems mentioned above, we suggest following the preventive maintenance procedures listed in your user's manual. Our certified mechanics will ensure you are taken care of and able to avoid situations like those mentioned before. We invite you to give Pickering's Auto Service a call or visit or make an appointment online today! 

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