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Do New Tires Need Wheel Alignment?

Is Wheel Alignment for New Tires Necessary?

Usually, wheel alignment isn’t included on the recommended maintenance schedule provided by vehicle manufacturers. So, how often you should align your wheel is largely indefinite; but, to be on the safe side, you must do it annually—and whenever you get new tires.

Minimal Tire Wear

When you spend a hundred dollars per tire, you would likely want to use your newly purchased tires for a long time to come. But when you refuse to align your wheel fitted with new tires, the opposite will happen. The new tires will start to wear unevenly, and you’ll have to replace them much sooner. What’s even worse is that unevenly worn tires are at risk of a blowout, which could put you in danger. Thus, for the benefit of long-lasting tires and a safer driving experience, it is essential to have your wheels aligned before driving on a set of new tires.

Alignment on Three Angles

Here at Pickering’s Auto Services, we usually perform wheel alignment on three main angles to make sure the car is in its proper configuration before you drive on new tires. We adjust the camber, caster, and toe angles, and here’s a quick explanation of what each relates to:

  • Camber is the angle at which the tire and wheel stand relative to the road. Positive camber is when the wheel’s top leans away from the car, while the negative camber is when the top of the wheel leans in towards the car.
  • Caster is the angle created by the steering wheel’s pivot point from the front to back of the vehicle. The caster angle is positive is if it’s leaning forward, and negative if backward.
  • Toe angle settings greatly affect the handling capabilities of the car. If the toe is way out, the steering wheel will likely be crooked.

Our alignment services in Lakewood, Co, include road testing, as well, to ensure your alignment is straightforward. After all, getting your wheels aligned while the tires are still new helps you prevent accidents, as well as costly repairs and replacements in the future.

To learn more about wheel alignment, don’t hesitate to call our car experts, today.  

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