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Common Signs of Transmission Problems

A vehicle's transmission system is a complicated part of the vehicle to explain. You need to know that it connects behind the engine and transfers engine power to spin and turn the wheels. It also has to maintain and balance power and wheel speed precision. Without a proper functioning transmission, your vehicle will not drive, period. The transmission system is one of the most complex and expensive car parts to repair.


If you don't get proper maintenance for your transmission, you'll lose out on fuel economy or not be able to drive at all. Automobiles can have a manual or automatic transmission, with automatic being the predominant choice in the USA. The professionals at Pickering's Auto Service in Lakewood, CO and Westminster, CO can assist you with your transmission inspections, fluid changes/flushes, and filter replacements. 


Common Signs of Transmission Troubles

  • Transmission warning light - Did you know that the check engine light can indicate problems with transmission? Do not hesitate to come into our auto repair shop for a diagnostics test whenever you see this light come on.
  • Slipping transmission - Slipping out of gears is one of the most popular signs of transmission problems. If your engine is revving and puts out delayed acceleration, you should have your transmission checked out.
  • Humming, buzzing, and grounding sounds - Please do not ever ignore any unusual sounds your vehicle makes, especially if it occurs during gear changes. 
  • Physical evidence of transmission fluid leak - Transmission fluid is red, and if you see it under your car, you've probably detected a fluid leak.
  • Noisy idling - Your car should be really quiet when driving and when idling if it is healthy. 

We invite you to bring your car to the transmission experts at Pickering's Auto Service in Arvada, CO. We can help you get down to your problem by inspecting for signs of wear and checking the fluid levels and condition. With the right repairs and care for your transmission, it should last you a long time. 

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