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Car Brake Check A Must-Do Before Winter 2017 Strikes

Car Brake Check A Must-Do Before Winter 2017 Strikes

Winter is coming, and in a matter of days, we’ll have to drive on icy roads again. While weather forecasts say that winter in states like Colorado may be drier and warmer than usual, you should still prepare your car for the cold season. After all, with La Nina, and the unpredictability of Colorado weather, we can’t be sure what kind of winter we are going to have this year.

Generally, winter is a tough season for driving. Snowfall can significantly reduce visibility on the roads in addition to making them slippery. To make sure your car is ready for these driving challenges, you need to perform a thorough vehicle maintenance and check-up before winter arrives. You may start with one of the most essential parts of your car: the brakes.

Check the Brake Fluid

Though often neglected, brake fluid is a crucial component of a car’s brake system. It is used to transmit pressure from the brake pedal to the pistons at each tire, activating the brakes. It not only run low, but it also deteriorates over time. So make a point to check to see if your brake fluid is at an appropriate level and condition.

Replace the Brake Pads

When the road is wet or icy, it takes a lot longer to bring your car to a complete halt. This can be delayed even further if your vehicle has worn-out brake pads. To avoid road accidents, make sure to check your pads for any signs of wear. However, the only way to inspect the pads is to remove the tires, and this kind of task is best left to the professionals.

To make certain your car brakes are ready for winter, bring your vehicle to us. Here at Pickering’s Auto Service, we provide brake inspection and brake repairs in Lakewood so you can avoid sudden brake failure while on the road, especially this winter

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