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Being Grateful for Your Everyday Routine

It’s that time of year when we start adding up our blessings and pay more attention to what is really important.

Our Health.

Our Family.

Our Friends.

But how many of us, when we sit around the table this year, will voice our appreciation of our cars?  When you consider all that you demand and expect out of your vehicle on a day in and day out basis, you just might want to add them to the list.

When you are truly grateful for something, you take care of it (as an independent auto service facility you can see where we are going with this!)  And, when you take care of something, it becomes more valuable to you…and others, too.

Over the last couple of years, a lot of us have really worked hard to keep our cars maintained because the chance of getting a new car – or even a good used car – was not an option with the high demand, the uncertain financial picture and the those dismal supply chain issues. Recently, things seem to be opening back up and you may be in the market for a new, or new to you, vehicle.  If you have taken care of your vehicle well, you’ll be happy to know that it will pay off when you go to sell or trade in.

Below are some of the items that will help you get the most out of your old vehicle and make the most out of your new purchase. These are in a descending order, so the first ones on this list may or may not be of upmost importance in the resale value of your car, but as you read further down the importance increases.

8. Choose a popular car make and model initially.

Not all cars depreciate equally. Check on resale values before you decide on your next vehicle. Two makes we recommend are Toyota and Honda.

7. Think about fuel efficiency.

Now more than ever, car buyers are looking to save at the pump. What offers the best miles per gallon?

6. Look into buying used.

A new car can lose as much as 40% of its value in depreciation in just three years. You may want to consider a used vehicle - or even a lease.

5. Keep your mileage down.

Every mile you drive will cost you in resale value, but it also increases the chances of needing maintenance sooner.

4. Keep it clean.

If you have a garage – use it.  If you smoke – don’t do it in the car.  And, keeping the inside and outside consistently clean will also help increase the trade in or resale value of a vehicle.

3. Be a little conservative.

Sure, you may LOVE that bright yellow truck…but know that the standard car colors offer the best resale value.

2. Don’t modify your ride.

Adding aftermarket modifications will generally not increase the vehicle’s value and often those items that aren’t OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will actually deduct from the value.

1. You already know this one - Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

Nothing helps maintain a car’s value more than keeping up with the recommended services. This isn’t difficult but it is often neglected by auto owners.  Your carmaker knows what each vehicle needs to get optimum performance and life on the road.  Follow their maintenance recommendations and keep all of your records of the services you’ve had done while owning the vehicle.  And, if you’re buying a used car, ask for these records. 

“A qualified auto service provider knows what your car needs – often before any symptoms are even noticeable. Even when you are just getting an oil change, we will inspect a number of items in an attempt to provide you with preventative maintenance suggestions so that a small problem does not become a big problem. And, we keep track of your service work for you, so just let us know when you need copies of what’s been done.”  Says Trent Pickering of Pickering’s Auto Service in Lakewood and Arvada.

Additionally, he tells us, “Pickering’s also offers an inspection package for the used cars that our customers may be considering.  This can give you peace of mind or a solid knowledge of what your potential new car might need in regard to current and near-future service work…and what that needed work will cost so that you have some negotiating power.”

Call Pickering’s Auto today to schedule your routine maintenance or a pre-purchase inspection today, or visit us online and request an appointment!

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