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6 Car Scents You Should Not Ignore

You can't always accuse a bad smell for something outside of your car - sometimes that smell you're detecting is your vehicle trying to tell you something is wrong! Did you know that the different scents your vehicle gives off can help you identify what the problem could be? Some causes for specific smells are less urgent than others, but there is only one way to be sure. Whenever you catch an exotic odor in your automobile, you should bring it to an auto mechanic to get an accurate diagnosis. Here is a list of some of the most common scents and what they might mean:


Maple Syrup: If your car smells like pancakes or waffles (a sweet smell), it could very well be many things including the smell of coolant. A leak from your radiator, cylinder head, or manifold gasket can be the culprit. On the other hand, if the aroma is potent and in the cabin, it could be a problem with the heater core. Either way, it is best to have an expert check it out.


Gasoline: The smell of gas could signify that your vehicle has a leak. The puncture could be the fuel injector line or the fuel tank amongst other things.


Burning Carpet: A burnt carpet scent can be attributed to faulty brakes. This scent will arise when your brake pads or rotors are overheating, which could lead to premature wear of your brakes.


Hot Oil: If you smell motor oil, you should first check your oil level with a dipstick. If it is low, it could be leaking or burning. Sometimes oil leaks down onto hot exhaust parts and can also cause a smoke trail. However, a problem like this should be diagnosed by a professional.


Burning Rubber: A burnt rubbery smell could be occurring from an overworn or loose hose grinding against pulleys. However, it can also be related to transmission or engine issues. 


Rotten Eggs: Why does my car smell like rotten eggs? If you detect this nasty stench, it is probably a catalytic converter issue. The converter is most likely not able to process hydrogen sulfide in the exhaust. 


If you've noticed any of these odd scents around your car, please don't avoid it. Instead, have it diagnosed and repaired by our team of certified technicians. Give us a call, schedule online or visit Pickering's Auto Service today.

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