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5 Fall Vehicle Maintenance Tips

It's officially September, which means fall is here. As you may know, seasonal changes can affect your vehicle in many different ways. As a result, it's necessary to prepare for autumn's cool air by performing essential maintenance tasks. Bring your vehicle to Pickering's Auto Service so our Master ASE Certified Technicians can inspect your vehicle's critical components and identify any inherent issues before they become serious ones. Below are five key tips to keep your vehicle in top shape throughout the fall (and upcoming winter).


Tip #1: Inspect brake pads. 

It's no surprise that your brakes are critical to your safety; without them, your vehicle will not be able to slow down to a stop. Your brakes should be a top priority on your maintenance list. If the brake pads have less than 3 millimeters of area left, it's time to have them replaced. Don't wait until you notice the signs, as your safety can be at risk!


Tip #2: Verify all of your lights work.

You should give your automobile a good walk-around and inspect all light functions. Make sure the headlights, brake lights, fog lights, etc., are fully functional. If one of the bulbs has died out, you should have it replaced as soon as possible. Our team would be glad to assist you with the light replacement if needed.


Tip #3: Check your essential fluids. 

Check all your fluids, including coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, to ensure you have an adequate amount. You should also look to see if there are any unusual qualities to the fluids, such as darkness or debris. Contaminated fluid will lead to performance inefficiencies, so you should have your fluids changed or flushed as a resolution.


Tip #4: Inspect all your tires.

Braking, handling, safety, and performance all ultimately depend on the condition of your tires. When inspecting your tires, check for holes, leaks, and tread. Treadwear is a significant factor in indicating how balanced the wheels are, how well tire rotations have been kept up with, and how solid the alignment is.  


Tip #5: Change wiper blades. 

Some rainy or icy conditions are probably headed towards us as we head into the autumn and winter. When inspecting the blades, make sure that the rubber parts are intact and that the edges aren't warped in any way. Regardless of whether your wipers are showing damaged signs, there's nothing better than a fresh pair of wiper blades and a streak-free windshield to start the chilly season. After examining the wiper blades, please check that your washer fluid is filled. Also, a quick note, never clear snow or ice off the windshield with your wipers. This can not only damage the wiper rubber, but can also cause issues with the wiper arms, wiper transmissions, or wiper motors leaving costly repairs ahead.


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