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5 Essential Fluids Found in Every Car

The truth is that most Americans struggle or neglect to understand the true importance of car care. They only really know that they have to get oil changes, but beyond that, some have no clue that there's more than just one important fluid that goes into every vehicle. Here are some of the essential liquids that enable the critical processes of your car:

Engine Oil

Engine oil lubricates your engine's parts, regulates the engine temperature, and enables a smooth and efficient combustion process. Without clean oil, your engine will suffer great damage and break down. 


Your car needs more than just engine oil to keep the engine's hot temperatures at bay. As a 

result, your vehicle relies on coolants (or antifreeze) to absorb the excess heat from the engine. Without the right amount of coolant, your engine will constantly overheat. Furthermore in the winter time, coolant or antifreeze is able to withstand the cold temperatures outside and not freeze in the radiator or other passages where coolant goes.

Brake Fluid

Modern vehicles use hydraulic brakes, meaning it demands brake fluid to stop your car effectively. If a car doesn't have enough brake fluid, it could lead to major catastrophes on the road. Brake fluid is prone to absorb water, leading to rust and corrosion. This is why you need a brake fluid change or flush every now and then to cleanse the system.

Power Steering Fluid 

Power steering fluid helps lubricate the power steering system, making it more seamless for you to control your vehicle's direction. If your vehicle is low on this type of fluid, your steering wheel will start to jerk and shift while driving. It can also cause damage to the power steering pump or other components in the system if it is low on fluid or the fluid gets too dirty.

Transmission Fluid & Driveline Fluids

Transmission fluid helps lubricate your car's transmission parts. Whether you drive a manual or automatic transmission, your vehicle needs a fresh supply of this fluid. Otherwise, your gear shifts would be tough to manage. In addition to transmission fluid, many vehicles are equipped with front and/or rear differential fluid or even transfer case fluid. All of these fluids are essential to keep in good condition in order for your gears to move your wheels smoothly.


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