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Acura Repair & Service Colorado | Pickering's Auto Service

Specializing in Acura Vehicle Repair and Service in Lakewood, Arvada, and Westminster

Among car brands, the Acura is strong in value and even stronger in reliability. Acura was introduced by the parent company, Honda, in 1986 as a luxury division backed by Honda’s solid reputation for reliability. With Pickering’s dependable service and vehicle health solutions, we’ll maximize your Acura’s potential, keeping your life in motion.

Acura Models

  • MDX
  • RDX
  • ILX
  • RLX
  • RL
  • TLX
  • TL
  • TSX
  • CDX
  • NSX
  • EL

Acura Service & Maintenance

To keep your Acura as reliable as the day you brought it home, be sure to have it serviced regularly with one of Pickering’s ASE Certified expert technicians. Pickering’s Auto Service has provided Acura service and maintenance in the Denver area for over 40 years. We keep up-to-date on the newest Acura models built today while holding on to our strong knowledge of older models.

To keep your Acura in the best possible working condition, our maintenance services include:

  • Oil Service
  • Fluid Services
  • A/C Service & Maintenance
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Timing Belt Replacement

Acura Repairs
All vehicles need repairs at one time or another and Acuras are no exception. Due to age and temperature fluctuations, hoses, gaskets, and belts will deteriorate over time. The tires, clutch, and brakes, including rotors and pads, are also normal wear items. Keeping up with these repairs will help save you time and money in the long run. Some of the most common repairs our technicians see are:

Air Bags & Seat Belts
If you own an Acura affected by the Takata airbag inflator recalls, you should immediately schedule it to be replaced, under factory warranty in most cases. If you are having issues with your seatbelts, Acura will cover the parts and labor charges for all normal wear and tear, so don’t hesitate to come in for repairs.

Transmission Failure
The Acura MDX and TL models, in particular, have transmission-related problems. Common problems include shudder or vibration when driving, delayed acceleration or a growling or grinding noise. Sometimes a software update is all that’s needed to fix these transmission issues. If you notice any changes in your transmission or have an illuminated check engine light, be sure to bring your Acura to Pickering’s Auto Service for a diagnosis and repairs.

Radio Code
Many Acura radios are equipped with an anti-theft code. In the event of your battery being replaced or disconnected, your radio may require input of this code in order to unlock it. This code is usually found on the Anti-theft ID card in the glove compartment. If the code is missing, you may be able to extract the code from the radio itself or it may be necessary to contact Acura to obtain the code.

Oil Leaks

Valve Cover Leaks
The engine on your Acura is sealed with a valve cover and gasket that prevents oil from leaking out. The gasket, often made of rubber, will harden over time leading to cracks that can leak oil. Oil leaks should never be ignored as they almost always lead to more serious and expensive engine problems. Having your oil serviced regularly can help. Our ASE Certified technician can often spot leaks during a normal service and make the necessary repairs before more serious problems occur.

Oil Pan Gasket Leaks
The oil pan contains the oil your Acura’s engine needs in order to stay lubricated and running smoothly. It’s common for these gaskets to wear out and begin leaking. If you see oil leaking on the ground underneath your Acura or your check engine light comes on, bring your Acura to Pickering’s Auto Service for repairs before more serious engine damage can occur.

Coolant System Leaks

Radiator Hoses
Coolant leaks are likely to occur where the radiator hoses connect to the engine. The hoses themselves can also crack and begin to leak. Leaking coolant can lead to an overheated engine and other serious problems that can be avoided. If you notice antifreeze leaking underneath your car, have your cooling system serviced with a Pickering’s ASE certified technician right away before more serious problems develop.

Coolant Reservoir
The coolant tanks are plastic reservoirs mounted in the engine bay that contain antifreeze. These tanks can crack and develop small leaks. If you notice a constant need to add coolant, it could be leaking from the plastic side tank area. Loss of coolant can result in an overheated engine, which is a serious problem. Symptoms include an illuminated check engine light or high temperature readings. If you’ve experienced any of these warning signs, bring your Acura to Pickering’s Auto Service right away before more serious damage to your engine can occur.

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Extending the Life of Your Acura
Avoid surprise failures or repairs with regular Acura service.

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