Owner Randy Pickering

"We are focused on providing quality repair with a unique customer service experience." - Randy Pickering

Owner & President Randy Pickering

As a 4th generation automotive “lifer”, I have learned that vehicles come and go, are broken and fixed, but the relationships with our customers far outlast their transportation needs.

I am committed to ensuring that every customer of ours is completely satisfied after working with our team. We work diligently to provide peace of mind to all of our customers by treating them as if they were part of our own families.

I wanted Pickering’s to be an environment that reminded our customers of a time when your technician and service advisor were more than just the people who took care of your car, but rather individuals who remembered you by name, genuinely took an interest in your life and built a relationship with you.

We believe our industry should not differ from any other industry in how we perform customer service. Just because we are in the auto repair business does not mean customers should expect poor customer service and abuse, as many customers believe they receive from others in our industry.

  • We will greet our customers cheerfully, excited that WE CAN resolve the auto repair problems they have. Knowing that with our resources WE CAN help them get the fullest life use of their vehicle.
  • We want to earn our customers trust so they are comfortable and confident with our integrity and abilities to have us take care of their car concerns.
  • We want our customers to be satisfied, as never before, in our industry. We hope our customers will become our raving fans and feel the need to express their experiences to others, recommending our facility to them.

The 5th Generation of Pickering's

Owners Randy & Lynette's sons and daughter now work for the company and will take over the family business in the years to come. Trent Pickering serves the business as the Service Manager at the Lakewood location, his brother Brandon serves as the Operations and Finance Manager and there sister Taylor is the Marketing Director and Fleet Manager. Randy & Lynette's goal is to have at least 3 successful stores in the west metro area before they hand the business off to their sons and daughter. However, Randy loves working with his customers so he’ll always be available. He says that when this happens, the kids won’t be able to get rid of him that easily!

Owners Randy & Lynette PickeringService Manager Trent Pickering Head Shot Operations and Finance Manager Brandon Pickering Head ShotMarketing Director Taylor Pickering Head Shot

Our Family History

The Pickering Family

Randy is a fourth generation in the auto repair and tire industry. His rich heritage started back in 1914 with his great grandfather Roy Pickering, owning Pickering’s Garage in WaKeeney, Kansas. His son, Randy’s grandfather Harold Pickering moved to Colorado and opened a service station in Denver for several years. His son, Randy’s father, went to work for his father-in-law to be who owned Phillips and Anderson Tire Co. That business was a large tire retreading company. They sold retread and new tires and later opened up several retail tire and service centers.

Randy went into business with his father at the Lakewood location in 1976. This 2 bay facility began as Lakewood Tire and Wheel Center at 6321 W. Alameda Ave. and later became Pickering's Tire and Wheel Center. In 1983, he bought an existing 8 bay business at 222 S. Pierce St., moved around the corner and started Pickering’s Auto Service. He rented the building until Home Depot and the property owners of the area struck a deal to clear the land and build a new Home Depot.

In 1998, Randy and his wife Lynette found property at his present location at 90 S. Wadsworth Blvd. They acquired the property and built a new 15 bay auto repair facility with state of the art equipment and design. In 2010 Pickering’s Auto Service expanded and purchased a 10 bay auto repair business located at 8070 Sheridan Blvd. in Arvada/Westminster. The 50’s interior design resonates with the heritage he has with the family business and refers to a time when your service team was more than the people who just fixed your cars, but really took the time to build a relationship with you.