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  • Fuel Saving Tip: Slow Down in Lakewood

    Sunday 19 February 2017

    There’s not much Lakewood drivers can do about the price of gas in CO, but we can control - up to a point - much we use. Our driving habits can dramatically affect our gas mileage. The first thing we can do is watch the go-pedal. Hard acceleration just sucks the gas. Gently leave stop lights and plan lane changes so you don’t need to floor it. That can save you hundreds of dollars a year in improved gas mileage. Go a little slower on CO expressways. Lakewood drivers who go more than... read more

  • Automotive Tips from Pickering's Auto Service: Knowing When Your Timing Belt Should Be Replaced

    Tuesday 14 February 2017

    The timing belt in your engine controls the opening and closing of the intake and exhaust valves. Lakewood drivers need to replace it on a schedule to avoid failure.Timing belts are very difficult to get to, requiring quite a bit of labor to access. Timing belt replacement is one of the more expensive maintenance services, but the cost at Pickering's Auto Service to correct an engine damaged by a broken timing belt is much, much more.The timing belt has a tensioner to help maintai... read more

  • Automotive Tips from Pickering's Auto Service: Signs of an Alignment Problem

    Tuesday 07 February 2017

    When properly aligned, all of your wheels are pointed in the same direction. Your vehicle will track true and handle the way it is designed. Lakewood drivers often associate our wheels being “knocked” out of alignment with an event like an accident, hitting a pothole, curb or some other object. While these can certainly take your wheels out of alignment, the bumps and bounces of everyday Lakewood driving take their toll on wheel alignment as well. In addition, your veh... read more

  • Improve Your Night Vision When Driving in Lakewood

    Tuesday 31 January 2017

    Night driving in Lakewood is not as safe as daylight driving as evidenced by the increased accident rate at night – much of that simply because it's dark outside.Visibility is important to safe driving. Ninety percent of our driving decisions are based on what we see. And at night, we just can't see as much as we can during the day. In fact, if you have 20/20 vision during the day, your night vision is only 20/50. To translate, that means that an object yo... read more

  • Diesel Maintenance for CO

    Monday 23 January 2017

    At Pickering's Auto Service we hear from a lot of people who are excited about the new diesel engines that will soon be available in passenger cars and SUV's. But our CO friends are often curious about the preventive maintenance requirements. People may not know that diesel engines have long been used extensively in Europe and Asia. In fact, in some markets, there're nearly as many diesel powered passenger cars as there are gasoline.Here's who's announced or is expected to announce new dies... read more

  • Pickering's Auto Service Automotive Tips: Diagnostic Service

    Monday 16 January 2017

    Imagine waking up one morning with a stomach ache. You pick up the phone, call the doctor’s office and say, “I’ve got a really bad tummy ache. How much will it cost to make me feel better?” Of course you wouldn’t do that. You know that there could be a lot of reasons for your symptoms and that the doctor will have to examine you, ask some questions, and probably run some tests before she can tell you what’s wrong and give you treatment options. This same scena... read more

  • Speak Up: Talking with Your Pickering's Auto Service Service Advisor

    Sunday 08 January 2017

    About 80% of the vehicles on Lakewood roads today are behind on their preventive maintenance schedules. That translates to about 160 million vehicles in the United States that aren't performing as well as they could be - thousands right here in CO. Some of the maintenance issues are minor. Others represent serious safety concerns. There are a number of reasons Lakewood drivers neglect their routine car care. Some of the more common ones are complacency, lack of confid... read more

  • Pickering's Auto Service Brake Service for Safe Stopping in Lakewood

    Tuesday 03 January 2017

    Let's talk about something critical for all Lakewood drivers: your brakes. Your vehicle weighs several thousand pounds and it takes a lot of muscle to bring it and your passengers to a safe stop – so everything needs to be in good working order. Here's an explanation on how your disk brakes work: The wheel hub keeps your wheel attached to your vehicle. The brake disc – or rotor – is attached to the hub... read more

  • Automotive Tips from Pickering's Auto Service: Wiper Blade Options

    Tuesday 27 December 2016

    Wiper blades are critically important to Lakewood drivers for good driving visibility and safety. When it’s time to replace your wiper blades, there are a number of different wiper blade designs and grades. Lakewood drivers should always use at least the design or grade that came with their vehicle. If you live in CO where there is a lot of wet weather, flying insects, or do a lot of highway driving, you may want to upgrade to a more advanced design or premium quality wiper blade. You... read more

  • Combustion Choreography: Timing Belt Replacement at Pickering's Auto Service in Lakewood

    Sunday 18 December 2016

    Have you ever seen a ballet performance? Have you wondered how all of those dancers manage to travel all over the stage jumping and twirling and never crash into each other? That's the job of a choreographer.Our auto engines are also highly choreographed. Pistons travel up and down inside cylinders. Valves at the tops of the cylinders open to let air and fuel in or exhaust out. These valves have to open and close at precisely the right time or the engine will run poorly if at all. The movement o... read more